How to Choose Yoga for your Body Type

Have you ever had a feeling that some yoga positions are much harder to execute for you than for other people? Or maybe you always wanted to try yoga, but thought it just somehow wasn’t right for you and your body? These are very common problems for many yoga beginners. Most of them come from the fact that everyone has a different body type and different physical capabilities. For some, yoga will be quite easy right from the start. For others, it will be a great challenge, which, however, will never be impossible to overcome. You should just simply and try to find the best kind of yoga for your body type. Everyone is unique, and you can never forget about it. There are many yoga types to choose from, and it is only up to you to go for the best one for your body and mind. What is more, it is also your health and body condition that should be taken into account. There are for example proper yogo poses to help digestion. This is exactly why you should learn more about perfect kind of yoga for your body type.

Find the best kind of yoga for your body type

Yoga for a healthy mind and body set to keep on trend into 2017

It has been trending for a while now: celebrities turning to yoga for a healthy mind and body. Madonna, Christy Turlington and Sting were among the pioneers, now it seems like every celebrity turns to yoga to make their butt Instagram friendly. But not only the rich and famous have picked up yoga for a healthy mind and body. It has become quite a mainstream activity, and now it is marrying with another trend, detoxing, and are showing in the various new hotel packages around. There are a lot of Bizarre and brilliant hotels that implement everything from Yoga to IV’s for your health, often with an entirely original twist. What about visiting an igloo spa in Turkey? Getting hooked up to an IV in Las Vegas to treat your hangover? Or order a yoga coach through room service at New York Hilton? These are only a few of the ideas that have hit the hotel market lately. One thing is clear: Yoga and health will continue to trend in 2017!

Ashtanga yoga benefits for body and mind


Practised since ancient times, Ashtanga yoga benefits both the mind and the body. It is a more dynamic and physically demanding form of yoga. It strengthens the body and makes it flexible at the same time. But this form of yoga is threatened by mixing and matching. One could say that authentic yoga is under threat because it is no longer the practice to train the mind and body. Today there are many forms of practices which are a shadow of traditional hatha yoga or ashtanga yoga. It has become more of a physical exercise. Ashtanga yoga benefits are plentiful because of the way in which it is practised using steps to go further. However, in modern times peaceful, tranquil gardens and studios have given way to cold, air-conditioned enclosures where other forms of fitness strategies are mixed with yoga. authentic yoga faces a threat as it becomes just another gym-practice. Instead of focusing on mind and body, it has become high-powered yoga of the 21st century. One can only wonder if we aren’t witnessing the end of authentic yoga and all its many benefits.

5 Poses in Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

Yoga for anxiety and stress

Yoga is an ancient meditation exercise that has many health benefits for you. In the ever demanding society that we live in it is no wonder that more and more of us are filled with anxiety and stress. Before you start taking prescription medication for this ailment it is a good idea to include some Yoga into your fitness regime that can help with your mood. Yoga for anxiety and stress is a powerful tool because by undertaking yoga poses you are giving your mind the freedom to relax and by concentrating on your breathing you are recentering yourself to face the day ahead. Poses in yoga for anxiety and stress include:

1). Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

2). Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend)

3). Adhomukha Shwanasana (Downward Facing Dog).

yoga poses for alleviating anxiety will only work if you are completely relaxed and ready to allow yourself the freedom to breathe. This can’t happen if you are anxious about the people around you. Because of this, I would recommend a simple YouTube search of these poses to start with and to give you some time to build up your yoga abilities before you join a class. There are many resources available to you online but I definitely recommend starting with some simple stretching exercises and adding the yoga poses mentioned above. Namaste and good luck.

Face yoga for better sleep

Face yoga exercise

There’s a reason why they call it a ‘beauty sleep.’ A good sleep helps your skin rejuvenate and can make you look younger. But did you know you can sleep better with face yoga? One trick that really helps me unwind after a long day is to press my finger to the point right between my eyebrows. It’s called your ‘third eye’ and when you press there for a minute or two, you can really feel the stress of your long day melt away.

You can increase the pressure and then start moving your finger in small little circles. Don’t forget to breathe! Another face yoga move that really gets rid of any bad energy is when you open your mouth, stick your tongue out, and say a big ‘aaaah’. You can then pull your lower lip in over your bottom teeth, just like in the photo. I find this one to be very helpful when I’m dealing with a stressful situation and I just need to do a little bit of face yoga to calm down.

Yoga exercises – 5 things I learned from doing yoga

Yoga exercises

I talk about yoga and its benefits all the time. In this post, I would like to share experiences of a lady whom I have been teaching yoga exercises to; she was not only suffering from chronic back pain, but she was also going through an emotional trauma. After practicing yoga exercises for a month, she came up to me and told me about these 5 wonderful experiences she had.

1. The yoga helped her shed pounds, which is natural as yoga exercises target each of your muscles and melt fat.

2. Improved her flexibility and posture – The slow stretching used in yoga postures makes your body agile and so much more flexible. The asanas make you use muscles you haven’t for a long time, and stretch them and use them to their utmost capacity.

3. Yoga has made her fall in love with herself again. It helps her to connect with her body.

4. It has taught her to be calm, to quiet her thoughts, to stay still and to just enjoy the moment.

5. Yoga helps her to feel fresh and energetic, even after a long day. She feels immensely empowered, refreshed and recharged, and all this change just in a month! Isn’t it the right time for you to give it a try, too?

2 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga for weight Loss

Weight gain and physical problems associated with it are rising every day. Mornings are the time which can make or break a day. But without having a plan for the morning defeats the energy we have. Lack of proper plan means we rush to work place daily.  This can lead to hurried eating and that adds to the middle age weight issues. What is the solution? Here are a few yoga poses which will strengthen your body and mind and make it calmer. They help keep weight in check too. 2 minutes on each pose and you are golden.

  1. Tadasana or Mountain Pose – This is the base of all standing poses in Yoga. Just stand with feet apart only just hip width. Balance you weight evenly on the feet feeling weight on each toe, ankle and knee as you go up. Inhale and lift the waist to straighten the back bone. Bring hands together in a Namaskar pose while exhaling. Inhale 3 times to fill your lungs and make upper body light. This pose strengthens the thighs and keeps the belly and thigh fat in check.
  2. Adhomukhswanasana or downward facing dog – This asana is meant to make your arms and shoulder strong, and also to tone the belly. Begin with putting hands and legs all on the mat like a dog standing. Hips are lifted to the sky and brought down slowly while inhaling and exhaling. Hold for 5 inhales and exhales and it is done.

Just by investing these 4-5 minutes on these two poses will help you strengthen physically, become active and be calmer. This means you will plan your day and there will be no rush and a well planned day ahead.